Terra Sancta Museum on the Via Dolorosa, because “no one knows about it”

“Before I started working here I did not know anything about the Via Dolorosa, I didn’t even know what Convent of the Flagellation was…” Christine tells us. She is a 24  [...]

The Grotto of the Hermitage re-opens in Gethsemane

With a solemn blessing, the Grotto of the Hermitage in Jerusalem was inaugurated on February 18. At sunset on a wintry Saturday afternoon , inside the complex that includes the  [...]

Aleppo rises

Here we are in Syria’s second largest city, in the midst of destroyed homes and roads. The scene is painful, but it also leaves room for hope. Life is flourishing  [...]

Let’s not forget Quezón!

The Israeli Farher David Neuhaus writes to the Minister of the Interior in defence of 14 Filipino teenagers about to be deported. And he reminds him of the debt of  [...]

A lesson with the Arab Institute of Bethlehem: “It’s not enough to know each other and respect each other, but it’s necessary to valorize the other too”

“I’m rediscovering much of my faith and of the faith of my Christian friends. When you do not know the other, you are guided by stereotypes and distrust … It takes  [...]

The Church takes a closer look at the population of Syria

Syria has been facing a conflict for over six years. In Syria, the Syrian people lack even the most basic things, such as drinking water, food, school, medical care and  [...]

The rising of Aleppo

(From Rubble, houses and roads destroyed for kilometers. This is the most painful stage of our journey to Syria, where it’s hard to hold the commotion. “Welcome to Aleppo!” The  [...]

Women in Bethlehem: good food, encounter, and the beauty in little things

5 women, some of them are veiled, some others are not. They are mothers, Christian and Muslim mothers together, and mothers who are learning how to cook. This is the  [...]

In Damascus the Franciscans Keep Their Doors Open

(From In the Franciscan church near Bab Touma (The Door of Thomas) in Damascus, the dome still bears the signs of recent bombings. Br. Bahjat Karakach, the superior of  [...]

In Damascus the Franciscans Keep Their Doors Open

“Syria has always been a mosaic of cultures and we will not allow war to destroy that,” affirmed the Franciscans of the Custody in Damascus who help the poorest people  [...]
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