Letter by Fr. Bahjat from Damascus

Dear friends, in this period, we are experiencing dramatic times throughout Syria, because the consequences of the embargo weigh more and more on the entire population and force us to [...]

Montefalco: learning Franciscan simplicity

The first stage of formation for a Franciscan friar of the Holy Land passes through the convent of Montefalco, a small Italian village in the province of Perugia. Everyone who [...]

800 years since St. Francis’s passage in the Land of Cedras 1220-2020

An extraordinary event was held on 27th October in the Franciscan convent of Tripoli.  We know from the Franciscan sources that St Francis, after the historic meeting in Damietta in [...]

Hospitable Bethany: the tomb of Lazarus has been restored

We are now at the final stages of the “Betania Ospitale” project.  A long and articulated work that the Pro Terra Sancta Association and Mosaic Centre have been carrying out [...]

Bethlehem: the House of the Wise Men a place where cultures meet.

What the city of Bethlehem is about to experience will be a particularly difficult Christmas. The lack of the many pilgrims and visitors, who especially at this time of year [...]

The exhibition “Glimpses of the Holy Land” now online

The photo exhibition “Glimpses of the Holy Land” comes about as a gesture of gratitude to the photographer from Trieste, Neva Gasparo (1951-2020) who during her repeated stays in Jerusalem [...]

Bethlehem, Dar Al Majus Community Home, the house of the Wise Men: renovation works are underway

Despite the difficulties of the period we are facing, Pro Terra Sancta is carrying out the dream of the Dar Al Majus Community Home. The project has been assigned to [...]

The Church of St. John the Baptist on the banks of the River Jordan returns to the Custody of the Holy Land

In October the Custody of the Holy Land officially took possession of the Church of St. John the Baptist, located in the area of Qasr Al-Yahud on the banks of [...]

Capernaum: the Feast of presence, preaching and prodigies

Capernaum is the place also known as the “city of Jesus”. On Saturday, October 10th its doors opened to receive Br. Francesco Patton, Custos of the Holy Land, Franciscan friars [...]

Greetings from the Custos, Father Francesco Patton, president of the Association pro Terra Sancta

These are the words of the President of the Pro Terra Sancta Association, Francesco Patton (Custos of the Holy Land) at the conclusion of the annual assembly of the association [...]
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