“What a particular situation”

I write from a very special, privileged place. A large terrace, I’d say… white. A rectangle bordered by massive stone walls, about one and a half meters high. Without even [...]

St Paul Region: the Custody in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan

The Custody of the Holy Land, in the eight nations where it operates, also has some convents in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. They are the fraternities of what is called [...]

The Collection for the Holy Land has been moved to September

The 2020 Holy Week will be a very atypical one. The rites of the Easter Triduum will be celebrated without the participation of the faithful. For this reason, the Congregation [...]

“Keep on Hoping”: a message from the Custos of the Holy Land

We are in front of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the holiest place for all Christians in the world, the place where Jesus conquered death by rising on Easter morning. [...]

Covid-19 in Syria: witness from a doctor in Aleppo

Mirella Halabi, doctor in Aleppo, gives us some updates on the Covid-19 emergency in Syria. 54% of Syrian hospitals is either destroyed or unaccesible, therefore it wouldn’t be possible to [...]

“Chiara Lubich City World”: the exhibition in St Saviour’s convent

The wish to bring Chiara Lubich’s message to the Holy Land and to discuss her charisma is at the origin of the exhibition “Chiara Lubich City World,” inaugurated on Saturday [...]

Bethlehem: A Co-kitchen to start over together

The Association Pro Terra Santa wins a project for Christian minorities in Bethlehem. Pro Terra Santa Association together with VIS and John Paul II Foundation wins a call for proposals [...]

The 2020 Pro Terra Santa Collection Postponed

The Covid 19 pandemic has now reached countries on all the continents. To prevent the spread of the virus, governments have imposed restrictions on behavior which means that the Christian [...]

Pastoral Guidelines for Holy Week following restrictions due to COVID-19

To all Priests, Religious Communities and the Faithful of the Diocese of Jerusalem Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, The Lord give you peace! [...]

Washington: Franciscan Monastery hosts joint Choral Concert

On Thursday, February 20, the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in Washington, D.C., hosted a concert featuring two choirs: the Indian Springs School Concert Choir, from Indian Springs, Alabama; and [...]
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