Video: Restoration of the Holy Sepulchre: "Nothing is impossible"

A sign of unity among the various Christian communities: the ecumenical ceremony of completion of the restoration of the Edicule of the Holy Sepulcher was held on Wednesday, March 22.  [...]

Restoring the physical place to preserve faith: the inauguration of the newly restored tomb of the Holy Sepulcher

It had never happened before. The tomb of the Holy Sepulcher has been finally restored after 10 months of work. For the inauguration, the chairs are arranged in a circle,  [...]

Christ the water that quenches thirst: the third Sunday of Lent at the Holy Sepulcher

For hundreds of years, the Lenten liturgies at the Holy Sepulcher have been repeated identically. The witness of Mariano da Siena, a pilgrim in 1431, shows the same schedule of  [...]

Six years of war in Syria and the tireless efforts of ATS pro Terra Sancta alongside the population

It was 15 March 2011. At that time, the Middle East lived a new hope brought by the Arab Springs, when a series of demonstrations against the regime of Bashar  [...]

Jesus’ Tomb: the opening will not mark the end of the work

Four days from the ecumenical celebration of the work completed on Jesus’ tomb, the Basilica of the Resurrection is filled with the sound of vacuum cleaners. Day and night, the  [...]

The Holy See offers a contribution for the restoration of the Holy Sepulchre and Nativity

The Custody of the Holy Land is pleased to announce that the Holy See has offered a contribution of $500,000 dollars for the restoration project being carried out in the  [...]

Co-existence proposals from the Middle East: the subscriptions to the Middle East Community Program are open!

Examples of co-existence, while everywhere in the Middle East never-ending conflicts destroy everything. Excursions between Israel and Palestine, to discover a millenary heritage that belongs to all humanity. Lectures to  [...]

Women in Bethlehem: good food, encounter, and the beauty in little things

5 women, some of them are veiled, some others are not. They are mothers, Christian and Muslim mothers together, and mothers who are learning how to cook. This is the  [...]

The rising of Aleppo

(From Rubble, houses and roads destroyed for kilometers. This is the most painful stage of our journey to Syria, where it’s hard to hold the commotion. “Welcome to Aleppo!” The  [...]
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