A book to support the children of Bethlehem

A book to support the children of the Boy’s Home in Bethlehem: this is an initiative of Edizioni Terra Santa, the Custody’s publishing. My Father’s Creche is a collection of  [...]

The 2017-18 Dies Academicus for the SBF and the École Biblique

Franciscans and Dominicans in Jerusalem came together for an important event: the 2017-18 Dies Academicus for their Biblical institutes. On November 15, the Studium Biblicum Franciscum and the École Biblique  [...]

Faith, Hope and Charity in Aleppo. Last stop of our trip to Syria

The last stop of our trip to Syria is the most painful and surprising one. The wounds of war are still very visible. Yet Aleppo is trying to cure them,  [...]

Oasis of charity in Damascus. First stop of our trip to Syria

We arrive in Damascus after sunset and the show is amazing: that of an illuminated city. Only six months ago it seemed impossible, but electricity does not seem to be  [...]

The pastors of the Custody meet on Mount Tabor

Two days to work for the parishes of the Holy Land and share their experiences as shepherds: Pastors of the parishes of the Custody of the Holy Land met at  [...]

At the Church of St. Savior, a mass for Belgium, one of the four Catholic nations

The Custody of the Holy Land and Belgium are connected with a close bond, reinforced every year by a tradition. On the day of their national holiday, the Custody of  [...]

Fr. Eugenio Alliata receives the Fr. Michele Piccirillo Award

The Fr. Michele Piccirillo International Award for Cultural Heritage Research was conferred to Fr. Eugenio Alliata. The professor at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum received the award named after the Franciscan  [...]

Open House: two monasteries of the Custody opened to visitors

It happens once a year on a weekend that is busy with visits and events. Open House is a project that aims to open spaces that are normally closed to  [...]

New Homes for Aleppo

“This new house is a stroke of God to my life.” Mrs. Mayada kept on repeating it while she showed us her house. She told us when she welcomed us,  [...]

At the cemeteries on Mount Zion for the Day of the Holy Departed

Every November 2, the friars of the Custody of the Holy Land commemorate all of the deceased with a special procession. And so, this year they respected the tradition by  [...]
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