The solemn entrance to the Holy Sepulcher for the first week of Lent

With the celebration of Ash Wednesday, Lent began in Jerusalem. As has been tradition for centuries, the prayers that highlight the Sundays during this time of preparation for Easter have  [...]

The importance of coming together: Israelis visit St. Savior

They arrived as a group at St. Savior for the first time and they were guided by Br. Alberto Pari, the Director of the Magnificat Music Institute who is also  [...]

Christians in Jerusalem and their hope for a new home

“I never left my home”. Roza is 73 and still lives alone in an old house in the Old City of Jerusalem. “For over a hundred years my family has  [...]

Municipal taxes: a statement from the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

Following the statement by the Municipality of Jerusalem declaring that the Churches in Jerusalem should pay municipal taxes (known as Arnona), we, the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem, declare that  [...]

40 years of research for the Custody: a conversation with Prof. Pirone

With its study centers, the Custody of the Holy Land is an important cultural reference point for the entire Holy Land. From the Franciscan Center of Eastern Christian Studies in  [...]

Aleppo: mending wounds of the little Syrians

Basel * wakes up every night with the fear of being hit by a missile. His father was mutilated three years ago and now has prosthetics instead of his hand  [...]

The Custody of the Holy Land today: Br. Agostino with the migrants in Jaffa

800 years have gone by since the friars arrived in the Middle East, and many things have changed since the beginning of this adventure. However, the commitment and dedication with  [...]

A Record-Breaking January for pilgrimages in the Holy Land

Good news for pilgrimages to the Holy Land: statistics from the Christian Information Center show a steady increase, with record-breaking numbers for January 2018 In January 2018, the temperature in  [...]

Praying in Jerusalem for Christian unity

A week of ecumenism brought together Christians from the different churches in Jerusalem. The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity took place from January 20 to 28, a fundamental annual  [...]

The building mortar at the construction sites of the Terra Sancta Museum

To reproduce using what is already there. Tiles found in storage, earthenware pots and hollow bricks are just some of the elements that are being used by the restorers of  [...]
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