“Communion and solidarity with the Church of Jerusalem.” The Good Friday Collection

Also this year, in the name of “Communion and solidarity with the Church of Jerusalem”, an appeal was launched for the Collection for the Holy Land, which comes from the [...]

Jerusalem comes to London for a new Museum to celebrate the launch of a new UK Charity.

Pro Terra Sancta UK hosted its launch event yesterday to raise funds to complete the new Terra Sancta museum in the old city of Jerusalem. The museum aims to “Build [...]

Holy Wednesday: Passio and Veneration of the Column

Holy Wednesday at the Custody of the Holy Land starts following the morning traditions: the morning opened with a Solemn Mass at Gethsemane and the reading of the Passio Christ [...]

Aleppo: forgiveness and charity to rebuild peace

Aleppo. The general winter delivers the last blows to a city that desperately needs spring. This year too many died from the cold. The queues at the petrol stations promise [...]

Jerusalem, the city of the historical

Praying the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem is a unique and special experience. Pilgrims from all over the world are given the opportunity to make a living memory of [...]

Damascus. The long way towards recovery and the new enemies of Syria

“Absolutely no! War has not come to an end yet, it has just begun. ” Perhaps the enemies are no longer called Daesh or Al Qaeda, but hunger and poverty, [...]

The Polish language arrives at the Terra Sancta Museum

On March 7 at the Monastery of the Flagellation in Jerusalem, in the spaces dedicated to the Terra Sancta Museum, the Polish version of the multimedia installation was opened. This [...]

Latin rite solemnities for Holy Week and Easter in Jerusalem 2019

April 12 Seven Sorrows B.V.M.  9.00 H. Sepulcher (on Calvary): Solemn Mass  17.00 H. Sepulcher: Daily Procession April 13 SATURDAY, EVE OF PALM SUNDAY 8.00 H. Sepulcher: Daily Solemn Mass [...]

Egypt: the eight hundredth anniversary of the meeting between St Francis and the Sultan

The celebrations dedicated to the eight hundredth anniversary of the meeting between St Francis of Assisi and the Sultan Al-Malik Al-Kamel, organized in Damietta and Cairo by the Franciscans of [...]

A lovely place to stay: the great experience of the Dar Al Majus Guesthouse in Bethlehem

“The place is magnificent: the rooms are beautiful and the service is excellent!” It is just one of the many reviews on the guesthouse “Dar al Majus” (in Arabic House [...]
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