“Love is the First Commandment”: The Witness of the Summer Camp of Aleppo

Yesterday, the Aleppo Summer Camp resumed its term, which had been interrupted by the escalation of violence in the previous week. Dozens of rockets have been fired at, and caused  [...]

Do you know about the objects that make up our cultural heritage? Time for Inventory (1/3)

Saint Savior’s Monastery knows no slumber. In the basement, work continues on the development of the historical wing of the future Terra Sancta Museum. It will certify and highlight the  [...]

Terra Sancta Jericho, the school in an oasis

In 1950, the Franciscans opened a “Terra Sancta School” in Jericho, which today is the only coed school in the city, and soon it will be the only school to  [...]

"A time for testing": the Custody Chapter concludes

Intense weeks of work for the friars gathered in Chapter in Jerusalem, interrupted only by the Sunday break, for a day of rest. Some participated in Bethlehem to celebrate the  [...]

A dedication of the Holy Sepulchrer that more current than ever before

On Friday, July 15, which coincided with the eve of the closing of the chapter of the Custody, the Custos accompanied by most of the Chapter friars, presided over a  [...]

"Do not be afraid, God is with you," Father Michael Perry’s words

The interview with the Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, Father Michael Perry, who arrived in the Holy Land for the fifth day of the Custody Chapter. In  [...]

Communiqué of the Custody of the Holy Land: election of the Discretorium

On Wednesday, July 13, the capitulary friars have proceeded to the election of the news members of the Discretorium. Each discrete heads a linguistic group. Discrete for the German, Greek,  [...]

Communiqué of the Custody of the Holy Land: Election of the Custodial Vicar

Gathered for the triennial chapter, the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land have elected on Tuesday, July 12th, the Custodial Vicar. It is Brother Dobromir Jasztal that was  [...]

What is happening behind the fences around the tomb?

For over a month now, tall signs have been set up all around Jesus’ tomb., the Custody’s website dedicated to its bimonthly magazine, took a look behind the barriers.


News from the Holy Land

“Así me gusta!”: Fr. Augustin Arce’s Digital Exhibit in the General Library of the Custody for the Holy Land; Mosaic Training Course in Bethlehem; The project “Bethlehem Flour”, in favor  [...]
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