The first degree of the Magnificat Institute and extension of the Academic two-year course

A native of the Old City of Jerusalem, JamilFriej, 27 years old, is the first student to have completed his studied at the Magnificat Institute. Having obtained a diploma in [...]

Bethany: “A culture of dialogue as the path to follow”

“We declare the adoption of a culture of dialogue as the path; mutual cooperation as the code of conduct; reciprocal understanding as the method and standard”.In Bethany, the Pope’s words [...]

Jerusalem: Hebrew University’s Winter School at the Custody

On the afternoon of Wednesday January 16, 2019, the Custody of the Holy Land opened its doors to the students and professors of the Winter School of the Israel Institute [...]

Young people of Bethlehem share their experiences during World Youth Day

World Youth Day brought together participants from 156 countries in Panama. Among the registered there were young people from the Holy Land. And more than two weeks after the great [...]

After-school activities for the parishioners of the Church of Aleppo

In addition to the help that the Church of Aleppo (Syria) offers by trying to guarantee food, health, and concrete aid, the Franciscan parish has given its attention to reconstructing [...]

Schools in the Holy Land: where the encounter between St. Francis and the Sultan continues everyday

“The Sultan was one of the most powerful men of the time, a formidable military strategist, and a mind open to culture and arts. Francis was simply a man who felt called [...]

The Lebanon Organ Week inaugurates its fourth season

In the Middle East, organ music is perceived as a specific repertoire of high quality that Christians can offer the culture of the different countries, as organs are present almost [...]

“We are lambs among wolves”: The witness of Fr. Hanna from the province of Idlib

“We are lambs among wolves. Literally. Every evening we entrust our life to the Lord before sleeping, because we are very worried. Yet the next morning we wake up and [...]

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: “Justice,  justice alone you shall pursue”

The churches of Jerusalem came together after the Christmas celebrations for the week of prayer for Christian Unity.  [...]

Books bridges of peace in Jerusalem: meeting and sharing with the students of the Hebrew University

Culture and books as a meeting occasion. This was demonstrated by the study day of January 16th, organized by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at the Convent of San Salvatore. [...]
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