Beirut, one week later: “In the eyes of the citizens the desire to rebirth”

Just over a week after the terrible explosions that destroyed Beirut, the update on the situation of Father Firas Lutfi, Franciscan Minister of the San Paolo Region, returning from a [...]

Pro Terra Sancta Collection 2020 : message of Br. Francesco Patton

“This year, due to the pandemic caused by the Corona virus, it was not possible to take up the Good Friday Collection dedicated to supporting Christians living here in the [...]

The strange logic that “moves” the stairs of the Holy Sepulchre

Entering the world of Status Quo, the rigid system of unwritten rules that since 1852 regulates property, space and time for the Christian communities in the Basilica of the Holy [...]

Emergency in Lebanon. We must act now

A kilometer and a half from the center of the blast, the Franciscan friary in Beirut suffered great damage, but thanks to God all the friars are well. “Fra Angelico’s [...]

On Mount Tabor for the Transfiguration of Jesus

This year again,  the Transfiguration of Jesus was celebrated on Thursday 6th August at the shrine which commemorates this event, on the summit of Mount Tabor. [...]

New mosaic restored in Bethany

Naame restores the 4th century mosaic, Ranan passes the protective material on the new mosaic made by the boys and girls of the Mosaic Centre, Raed checks the quality of [...]

“Who am I for you?”: the priestly ordinations at St Saviour

On Monday 29th June, on the day of the solemnity of St. Peter and St Paul, five deacons received the priestly ordination by the imposition of the hands of Mons. [...]

Ceramic for life: a new ceramic course for the women of Samaria

We knock on the door of the pottery workshop of Nisf Jubeil, the small village near the ancient city of Sebastia. The girls from the centre greet us shyly, asking [...]

A tale of another Jerusalem. How the virus changed the city I know

The Jerusalem that I see in these months is very different from the Jerusalem that welcomed me three years ago, at the beginning of my journey as a volunteer in [...]

Bethlehem: fighting the pandemic with solidarity

The health and economic crisis in Israel and Palestine is worsening because of Covid-19. “In Israel there is a daily growth of about 1,200 cases and in Palestine of over [...]
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