Communiqué of the Custody of the Holy Land: election of the Discretorium

On Wednesday, July 13, the capitulary friars have proceeded to the election of the news members of the Discretorium. Each discrete heads a linguistic group.

Discrete for the German, Greek, French and Slavic languages, group A:
Fr. Siniša Srebrenović
The group comprises 37 Brothers

Discrete for the English language, group B:
Fr. John Luke Gregory
The group comprises 52 Brothers

Discrete for the Italian language, group C:
Fr. Bruno Varriano
The group comprises 53 Brothers

Discrete for the Middle Eastern language, group D:
Fr. Ibrahim Faltas
The group comprises 62 Brothers

Discrete for the Spanish and Portuguese languages, group E:
Fr. Marcelo Cichinelli
The group comprises 56 Brothers

The Discretorium

The members of the Discretorium, friars elected according to the different linguistic groups, are a direct part of the Curia (a linguistic group is represented by at least 12 people who speak the same language). The Discretorium meets once a month to help the Custos in taking decisions. It approves the annual accounts and reports of the friars who have been assigned specific tasks. At least once a year, it receives the friars who are responsible for formation and who must report on the status of their activities. The Custos and the Custodial Vicar are automatically members of the Discretorium. The Discretorium, regarding specific situations, may invite any friar or lay person to receive their opinions and advice.

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