Thanksgiving Mass for Friars’ Jubilees

On Trinity Sunday, the Saint Saviour Monastery community gathered for a thanksgiving Mass for all the friars of the Custody or who are missioned to the Holy Land and are celebrating jubiliees.

Celebrated by Father Justo Artaraz (70 years of religious profession), with Fathers Umberto Barato and Victor Peña, the mass was marked by simplicity. Father Sebastiano Matti gave the homily.

Only a few of the jubilarian friars were able to come to Saint Saviour, but the list below is complete. It includes friars who are still on mission to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Cyprus, Israel, Palestine, the United States and Italy. This was an occasion, therefore, to pray for all these friars who have dedicated their lives to the Lord and for the diverse realities of the Custody.

Ad multos annos! And thank you.

Religious Life
25 years
fra Miron SIKIRIC 9 July
fra Michel FAHIM 25 August
fra John Kwasi BOMAH 27 August
fra Atef EL FALAH 27 August
fra Ibrahim FALTAS 27 August
fra Raimondo GIRGIS 27 August
fra Simon Pietro HERRO 27 August
fra Antonio LOUXA 27 August
fra Sebastiano MATTI 27 August
fra Rachid MISTRIH 27 August
fra Giuseppe PIGGIO 27 August
fra François Marie SHAMIYEH 27 August
fra Gabriel VORMAWAH 27 August
fra Raffaello TONELLO 3 September
fra Gregor GEIGER 8 October

50 years
fra Antonio RAIMONDO 4 November

65 years
fra Stanislao LOFFREDA 17 November

70 years
fra Virginio RAVANELLI 2 August
fra Justo ARTARAZ 3 August
fra Eugenio KAMAR 12 August
fra Mario TANGORRA 12 August

Priestly Ordination
25 years
fra Paul Luke RUSH 3 June
fra Marius DESCHÊNES 29 June
fra Yaakoub Sh. HANNA S. 28 September

50 years
fra Joseph COSTANTIN 29 June
fra Victor PEÑA 29 June
fra Plácido ROBAERT 19 July

60 years
fra Umberto BARATO 26 June
fra Pedro BON 11 July

65 years
fra Pedro TOMÉ 12 March

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