Family Celebration at St. Saviour’s

Religious communities like to honor their own on the occasion of the feast of their holy patron saints. The large number of friars of the Franciscan Order at St. Saviour’s, currently around 60, prompted the community to gather together and to celebrate all the feast days of the week on Sunday.
Thus, on Sunday, February 9th, the Franciscan community during lunch honored Friars Armando, Haitham, Gilberto and Luis Neri. The place of honor, however, belonged to Friar Basilio Talatinian – not for the occasion of his patron saint’s feast day, but for the 101st year since his baptism. Born in Turkey, Father Basilio Talatinian, when still a child, escaped the Armenian genocide of 1915; for this reason, he does not know the exact date of his birth. His baptismal certificate, however, carries the date of February 10, 1913.
“After 100, we celebrate all birthdays,” explained the Father Guardian, Friar Stéphane Milovitch. For the occasion, Friar Talatinian honored the community with his presence at the meal; usually he remains with the friars in the refectory of the infirmary.
If on one hand, Friar Basilio suffers from loss of hearing, on the other hand, he is very lucid. Seeing Friars whom he did not know, he leaned over to the Father Guardian to ask their names and nationalities.
After having cut the birthday cake, Friar Stéphane turned toward the deacon of the friars of the Custody to say: “We will celebrate again next year!” Best wishes for many more years, dear Father Basilio.
Even though the Custos was not able to be present, he was not forgotten; his feast day was celebrated last week.

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