The Custody of the Holy Land partner in the micro-credit programme of The People of San Miniato Foundation

Jerusalem, 8th December 2011

A programme with the aim of improving the economic and social conditions of a part of the population of the Holy Land and creating solidarity and brotherhood between its inhabitants.

This is the project, now inviting applications for the third time, which involves the Franciscans of the Custody as a partner of the San Miniato Foundation and with its great knowledge of the local situation.

In particular, the programme intends to support the creation and development of small local enterprises such as crafts, manufacturing and services, located in Jerusalem Eat, Bethlehem and the surrounding areas.

The targets of the interest-free micro-credit programme are mainly young graduates and women and, more in general, groups that are vulnerable or marginalized due to their age, experience or because they belong to a minority. The hope is that through the project of The People of San Miniato, the most underprivileged in the Holy Land can have an opportunity to live decently, to grow professionally, to look to the future serenely and, above all, to ward off the option of emigration.

The Custody of the Holy Land takes part in this project for various aspects:

  • It plays a fundamental role in the analysis of the needs and priorities of the local situation;
  • It provides assistance in the study phase of the project, preparation of the announcement and relative paperwork;
  • It ensures invaluable help in publicizing the initiative and identifying possible new beneficiaries;
  • It guarantees assistance in the monitoring and support phases, making a significant contribution to the success of the project;

Other partners of the project are : the Chamber of Commerce of Bethlehem, the Peres Center for Peace, the Italian Consulate-General and Italian Cooperation.

Visit the website: The People of San Miniato

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