A Summer Camp for Young Palestinians

There are those who went to Madrid, and who lived, so to speak, an “in house” experience: an event that was simultaneously a young people’s gathering and an education … and there are younger secondary school children, who came from Zabadeh, Ramallah, Aboud, Bir Zeit, Ein Arik, Beit Jalah, Bethlehem and Jerusalem, and for whom a summer camp at Beit Sahur, the village of the traditional Shepherd’s Field, has just ended. The theme for the camp was a simple question: “Where am I?”

… for young people to meet with their peers is a positive experience: it is a contagious interaction which arises from what might be called “constructive jealousy”, for when a young person sees another pray, he also prays. And so it is that the young person himself becomes an even more effective teacher than a priest, or a sister or a parent, especially at this stage of his development.

This is a truly human experience of cheerful friendship and sharing in which a field became a dormitory, but also a place of prayer.

There were some who, one could say, had become a bit distanced from their faith … but who now pray.

An experience of work and service, but also of Gospel competitions, and drama based on the Bible, to which this year is dedicated, according to a proposal of the Middle Eastern Synod.

Camp Leader (in Arabic)
We hope that when the camp ends, these young Palestinians will leave with a common mission: to be witnesses for Christ; committed to serving the Church, and to be witnesses within our society in every situation and in every place.

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