Young people from the Holy Land in Madrid

Young people from the Holy Land in Mardid Everything is ready . . . Destination ? Madrid ! Five hundred and fifty young people from the Holy Land will participate in the 26th World Youth Day. From Israel, Palestine and Jordan, they include fellow Catholics from the Hebrew-speaking community. They will meet again with Pope Benedict XVI, following his memorable pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2009. This will be the first opportunity for youth in Ramallah to be able to attend this gathering of young people.

We are very excited ! We will be able to meet other people of our ages, and of course, the Pope! We ask God to bless our journey, and enable us to pass on the message of Palestine, of the Holy Land. It has taken months to prepare an Arabic-language guide for the World Youth Day, and this has included an anthem in Arabic. Accompanying them will be Bishop Marcuzzo who, organized the event in the Holy Land, underlining the significance of the presence of these young Christians in Madrid. Bishop GIACINTO-BOULOS MARCUZZO Patriarchal Vicar for Israel — Archdiocese of Jerusalem Above all, these young people are from the very Land of Jesus, and from the Mother Church, which is in Jerusalem. Indeed, they are from the land of the first young people ever to have followed Jesus. Secondly, they represent a current situation: they are from that part of the land which is seeking justice and peace in very difficult circumstances, – and young people are very much involved in all this [..] …[..] 

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