A Franciscan Archeologist between Science and Faith

Michele Piccirillo, a Franciscan Archeologist Between Science and Providence is the title of a book by Friars Claudio Bottini and Massimo Luca of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum in Jerusalem. It was published recently by Edizioni Terra Santa in Milan. Archeology can be described as a second vocation for the Friars Minor of the Holy Land. As an example of this, disoveries on Mount Nevo, from which Moses saw the Holy Land, are now inextricably linked with Friar Piccirillo, and the site has become an almost essential stop on the pilgrim’s route.

Much of this book is devoted to testimonies of friends and distinguished admirers of the archeologist, and to a biographical profile, following a preface by his friend and collbaorator, Father Antonio Canestri . The whole enables the reader to gain a clear picture of the life of this Franciscan friar, who died in 2008. In addition, a combined testomony by fellow archeologists is in the course of preparation. A bibliography eanbles readers to trace the archgeological activities of Friar Michele, and it can be referenced through a list of topics which correspond with specific places of interest and research. Friar CLAUDIO BOTTINI Studium Biblicum Franciscanum – Jerusalem Franco Scaglia, a good friend of Piccirillo, has called the work "a labour of love", and with good reason because, you see, it was written by those who loved and admired Friar Michele; who knew him well, and who worked with him. It is a book which his friends and his [..] …[..] 

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