Terra Santa News (en) 03/06/2011

FEAST OF THE ASCENSION The Feast of the Ascension. Celebrated in the place that tradition recalls as the exact point where Christ ascended to heaven. VISITATION At the sanctuary of the Visitation. The celebration of May 31 in Ein Karem, which preserves the memory of the encounter of faith between Mary and her cousin Elizabeth. IN PROCESSION FOR THE VIRGIN In procession for the Virgin Mary… Many faithful walked along the streets of the old city of Jerusalem, entrusting themselves to the Blessed Virgin at the closure of the month dedicated to her. TERRA SANTA ON THE IPAD News and pictures of the holy sites are now available on the iPad, the new application created by the Custody of the Holy Land and downloadable in four languages. FAREWELL TO THERESE Farewell to Therese at the Tel Aviv airport. The urn with the remains of the Saint of Lisieux left the Holy Land after three months of pilgrimage in villages and parishes. EXTRAORDINARY PRAYER Saturday, June 11, the sixth edition of the extraordinary prayer of all churches. It is the turn of the Latin Church. A live broadcast from the concathedral of the patriarchate beginning at 6pm, local time.

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