Terra Santa News (en) 27/05/2011

A WONDER OF NATURE… AND OF THE BIBLICAL STORY A wonder of nature, and of the biblical story. The Dead Sea is in the race to be elected among the new wonders of the world. MOSAICS FOR PEACE The richness of the mosaics of Palestine, a legacy that crosses and unites eras, cultures and different religions. An exhibition at the Al Quds University of Jerusalem. IN FAVOR OF HUMAN RIGHTS The society of Saint Yve celebrates its 20 years. The Catholic Centre for Human Rights provides assistance – including legal assistance – to all the people who live in difficult conditions in Israel and the territories. THE LADY OF THE WALL WHO BUILDS BRIDGES The Lady of the Wall who builds bridges. Among the many murals that cover the separation barrier, for a few months now there is also this beautiful icon of Mary… designed 200 meters from the checkpoint in Bethlehem, where – for 7 years – every Friday afternoon, one prays to ask for the gift of peace.

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