Terra Santa News (en) 13/05/2011

FATAH-HAMAS AGREEMENT "We must pray that peace may finally come." The patriarchal vicar for the Palestinian territories Msgr. Shomali comments on the agreement between Fatah and Hamas, which he says, "could revive the peace negotiations." THE YOUTH AND THE POPE Just as it was two years ago, Benedict XVI in the Holy Land. Available in three languages, a new DVD gathers images, words and emotions. And the youth of the Holy Land are preparing for another meeting with him… in Madrid! INVENTIO CRUCIS "The cross is something that should enkindle in us affection, love, and wonder." The words of the Custos of the Holy Land on the Feast of the Finding of the Holy Cross, solemnly celebrated in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher on May 7. SAINTE THERESE IN JERUSALEM AND BETHLEHEM The relics of Saint Therese back in Jerusalem: around her, the faithful of all the Catholic churches of the holy city. Then, the arrival in Bethlehem, where she was warmly welcomed by all.

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