Terra Santa News (en) 01/04/2011

AT THE ROCK OF AGONY At the Rock of Agony … As part of their Lenten pilgrimages the Franciscans have visited the Basilica at Gethsemane.

Here there will be a special celebration on Holy Thursday, April 21st, in which the Faithful in many countries will be able to participate through a direct transmission to various television channels. NAZARETH Nazareth: the feast of the Annunciation, and the opening of a Marian Centre, an interactive museum centered on the person of Mary. AT JERICHO FROM ALL OVER THE HOLY LAND At Jericho from all over the Holy Land. Important moments of encounter and learning for 130 young people who came, from parishes in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, to this Palestinian city. KNOW THY HERITAGE "Know Thy Heritage". A project for young Palestinians living abroad. SANTA THERESA IN HAIFA Amidst celebrations and devotions, the relics of Saint Theresa of Lisieux arrive in Haifa.

THE JERUSALEM INTERNATIONAL MARATHON 2011 Ten thousand people, running through the streets of the Holy City. A successful first Jerusalem International Marathon.

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