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Help support the charity of the Franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land in Egypt.

In these days of heightened tensions we appeal to everyone to support in a concrete manner the hard-working charity of the Franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land, missionaries in Cairo.

The Franciscan fathers of the Custody have been in Egypt for centuries. Today they look after the great Mouski convent, the long-time center of the large Latin parish of Cairo that was left virtually empty after the Egyptian revolution of 1952. It was at that time, in order to make better use of the convent, that the Center for Christian Oriental Studies was founded. The principal aim of the Center is the development of studies relating to the Christian communities in the Middle East. The Franciscan Center for Christian Oriental Studies, with the rich heritage represented by its library, offers invaluable possibilities for study and research, and provides a major cultural service to the Christian and Muslim world. The network of relations that it maintains with institutes and individuals throughout the Middle East and the West allows it to serve as a valuable instrument for promoting coexistence and overcoming divisions and differences.

The friars of Cairo, in addition to their studies on the Christian communities of the Middle East and their unceasing welcoming of students, both Christian and Muslim, aiding them in their research, are also assiduously engaged in helping the residents of the overpopulated and impoverished Mouski district, in particular children, adolescents and large families. During the daytime, they take in children and assist many poor families with their primary necessities, notably their daily food and their most critical medical expenses.

The poverty and hunger that for quite some time have struck all of Egypt, and particularly the poorer neighborhoods of the large capital city, has become even worse in these past days of tumult, increasing the need for assistance.

We call on you to send your aid, and ATS Pro Terra Sancta will make sure that it is forwarded promptly to the friars who will make use of it in the most appropriate manner.

With your help the Franciscan friars can continue to aid the poor of this district, embracing all without regard to religion, race, nationality or language. This will be done in a simple and fraternal manner, in direct contact with the people, always seeking dialogue and with a passion for the individual as a human being.


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