Conclusion of the second training course on disability in Palestine

Great success for the series of lessons on the education of disabled children with the title “Working with pupils with visual and auditive problems: inclusive education at school”, promoted by ATS pro Terra Sancta in the Territories of Palestinian Autonomy which ended last week. The meetings were organized by Prof. Sami Basha, from the University of Hebron, in cooperation with the University “Cattolica” of Milan and the Centre “La Nostra Famiglia” with the support of the NGO of the Custody of the Holy Land.

The lessons, held by Mrs. Rita Sidoli, associated professor of the University Centre for International Solidarity (CESI) at the University “Cattolica” of Milan, and member of the association “La Nostra Famiglia”, were available at the Nursing Faculty of the University of Bir Zeyt, the Palestinian Child Arts Center of Hebron, the parish and the kindergarten managed by the Nuns of the Order of St. Anne in Jenin, and at the Medicine Department of the University of Al Najah in Nablus and was aimed at teachers, students and social workers who care for the education of disabled children in the Palestinian Territories.

The participants expressed their enthusiasm and desire to follow other training programs on the same subject and at the end of the course received an attendance certificate.

The next meetings organized by Prof. Sami Basha, thanks to the great helpfulness of Prof. Sidoli, will tackle stuttering, behavioural and psychomotricity problems.


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