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Holy Land News 24-09-2010

Not only ot only the bishops of the Holy Land, but also members of the laity are preparing for the Synod of Catholic Bishops in the Middle East, considering many aspects and requests.
In Bethlehem, a meeting with the Latin Patriarch Emeritus, Michel Sabah.
And ahead of the Synod, there is also a message to the Pope from The Palestinian President, Abu Mazen.
A Marian feast in the sanctaury of Hortus Conclusus, with biblical memories, celebrated on the feast of Our Lady of the Garden.
Many Christians gather at ç, an entirely Moslem Palestinian village.
The Chilean community gather to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Chilean State.
Chileans in Israel and Palestine assemble at a Mass concelebrated at St Saviour’s Church , seat of the Custody of the Holy Land.
So many succahs on balconies, hotels and in the streets …
to commemorate the forty years in which the Hebrew People crossed the desert.
The feast of Succot in Jerusalem.

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