Gethsemane: preserve the past and train the future

The church Gethsemane, at the foot of the Mount of Olives, is the place reminding us of the beginning of the Passion of Christ. The Gospels attest that Jesus was  [...]

The Italian Minister of Justice makes a visit to the Gethsemane project

With Fathers Eugenio Alliata, Father Ibrahim Faltas and Father Luis García serving as guides, on 26 October a special visit took place to the Church of Gethsemane, and to the ATS  [...]

From Gaza to Jerusalem: the story of a young Christian of Gaza

We quote the video from the Franciscan Media Center which is telling us about the Christians of Gaza, where ATS pro Terra Sancta continues supporting the activities and the needs of the  [...]

Emergency housing for Christian families in the Old City of Jerusalem

For a number of years the Custody of the Holy Land, with the support of ATS pro Terra Sancta and countless donors large and small, has pursued the objective of  [...]

מסר לרגל חג המולד 2010 מאת הקוסטוד של ארץ הקודש

“עוד דמה מלכות השמיים לאוצר טמון בשדה אשר מצאו איש ויטמנהו ובשמחתו ילך ומכר את כל אשר לו וקנה את השדה ההוא” (הבשורה לפי מתי, י”ג: 44) חג מולד הינו  [...]

RAI Cinema remembers Father Michele Piccirillo with a documentary: rendezvous in Rome

The memory of Father Michele Piccirillo, a passionate archaeologist who made archaeology into an instrument for encounters between people of different religions and cultures, remains alive, and not only in  [...]

The Sebastia exhibition in Florence: “Sebastia, the fruits of history and the memory of John the Baptist”

An exhibition to help make better known in Italy the Palestinian site of Sebastia and to recount the goals of the archaeological and development project carried out there by ATS  [...]

Great success for the inauguration of the exhibition “Mosaics of the Holy Land” in Mazara del Vallo

A big success for the Italian national preview of the exhibition “Mosaics of the Holy Land – a bridge of tesserae across the Mediterranean”, which was inaugurated on Saturday in  [...]

Mosaics from the Holy Land on exhibit at Mazara del Vallo

After the success enjoyed by the exhibition of ancient Palestinian mosaics in Hebron during the month of July, the exhibit will be temporarily transferred to Italy and put on display  [...]

דבריו של הקוסטוד של ארץ הקודש במפגש שב-רימיני

דבריו של הקוסטוד במפגש ב-רימיני לרגל הפרזנטציה של התערוכה של חייו של ישוע המשיח בכפר נחום – ” דרך עיני השליחים – נוכחות המהממת את החיים“ התערוכה “דרך עיני השליחים  [...]
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