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“Casa Nova”, place of hospitality

Acceptance, hospitality and prayer: this is what pilgrims find in the hostels run by Franciscan friars. Located very close to the Holy Places, they represent an excellent accommodation for many [...]

Bethany, house of friendship

Bethany, home of friendship, welcome and hospitality. They celebrate Lazarus, Mary and Martha, the friends of Jesus who have often hosted him here. Br. MICHAEL SARQUAH, ofm Superior Shrine of [...]

Bethlehem. Volunteers at Hogar Niño Dios during the pandemic

In these months of emergency for the COVID- 19 pandemic, two volunteers, Anna Carraro and Umberto Manganiello, in Civilian Service with Consorzio Icaro di Foggia and Association Pro Terra Sancta, [...]

Franciscan Friars offer housing to encourage living stones to stay in the Land of Jesus

JOSEPH SAYEH Bethlehem “My house is very small, there is no space… what can I say?” The stones and the people, the oil and the house…and the gratitude for the [...]

Message of solidarity for the friars and the people of Lebanon

Dear Bro. Francesco, May the Lord give you his peace! [...]

Terra Sancta College: a building that has seen history

It is still shown on maps of Jerusalem as “Terra Sancta College”. The impressive building, which is on the corner of Paris Square, (כיכר פריז‎) has seen the history of [...]

Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

It was in this place, inside the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, that Mary Magdalene, after seeing Jesus risen, exclaimed in Hebrew: “Rabbuni!”, which means Master. But who is this [...]

Franciscan schools preserve the Christian presence in the Holy Land

Among the objectives of the Franciscans of the Holy Land there is the development of the educational level of the local community, carried out through the 15 schools of the [...]

End of the academic year at the Magnificat Institute

The Magnificat Institute of Music of Jerusalem, in spite of all the difficulties, officially ended the academic year in Friday 17th July with a concert that wsa live streamed on [...]

80 sanctuaries: to preserve the memory and modernize the history of Redemption

In recent years, the shrines in the Holy Land have received millions of pilgrims from all over the world. Mystical places where the grace of Revelation is experienced. During this [...]
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