The story of the Milk Grotto told in an exhibition

In Bethlehem, twelve panels retrace the history of the Milk Grotto. [...]

Diabetes Outbreaks in Arab Society

The danger of diabetes is spreading in the homes of the Arab society, as the number of people with diabetes has tripled in the past fifteen years, and it is [...]

The biggest Christmas initiative: “1001 gifts”

The “1001 gifts” initiative was launched on January 2nd for the fourth consecutive year. It was organized by the Orthodox Youth of Beit Jala – near Bethlehem – in collaboration [...]

Terra Santa News 10/01/2020

This week: Epiphany in Bethlehem and the gifts of the Magi, Bethlehem celebrates Christmas according to the Eastern calendar, a new record of tourists and pilgrims to the Holy Land, [...]

Bethlehem celebrates Christmas according to the Eastern calendar

The celebrations, the scouts’ parades, the joy of the Nativity of our Lord continue with the arrival of the procession of the Greek-Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilus III in Bethlehem. [...]

Record number of tourists and pilgrims in the Holy Land

The Israeli and Palestinian Ministry of Tourism confirms the record for tourism in 2019. [...]

Epiphany in Bethlehem and the gifts of the Magi

The gold is missing, for obvious reason, but three special Franciscan magi have returned to Bethlehem to distribute their gifts to the faithful on the day of the Epiphany, following [...]

Terra Santa News 03/01/2020

This week: January 1st: Mary Mother of God and Peace, the Feast of the Holy Family in Nazareth, the memory of the first Christian martyr at the place of Stephen’s [...]

January 1: Mary Mother of God and peace

January 1: in the church of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem as in the whole world, there are two protagonists of the first day of the year: Mary Mother of [...]

Caritas Baby Hospital and Effetà, Christmas music in Bethlehem

A moment of deep dialogue, through the strings of a violin, between a young musician and a child born eight days ago who needs to stay in an incubator. The [...]
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