Bethany, house of friendship

Bethany, home of friendship, welcome and hospitality. They celebrate Lazarus, Mary and Martha, the friends of Jesus who have often hosted him here. It is the first stage of a [...]

With the help of the Church, Saher Okal has “sewn” his career with needle and thread

Because of the difficult family economic conditions, Saher Okal, a Christian from Nazareth, turned to the local church to try to build his future. He sewed his success with needle [...]

Young violinist Elias Elias wins the “Academy of Music Competition” for stringed instruments

Thanks to his unique way of playing the violin, the young Elias Elias won the first prize in a competition dedicated to stringed instruments organized by the Jerusalem Music Academy [...]

Terra Santa News 24/07/2020

This week: the feast of Mary Magdalene in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, the feast of St. Elijah in Haifa, the help of Caritas Jerusalem to face the Coronavirus [...]

Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

On the feast of St. Mary Magdalene, images of two places in the Holy Land linked to the story of the first witness who saw Jesus risen. [...]

The feast of St. Elijah in Haifa

Preventive measures to deal with the Coronavirus, and the consequent absence of the local community, have reduced the traditional celebration held in Haifa on the Feast of St. Elijah. [...]

End of year performance at the Magnificat

Studying music is certainly not one of the easiest activities to do during the lockdown, but with a little creativity the teachers and students of the Magnificat Institute of the [...]

The help of Caritas Jerusalem to deal with the Coronavirus in the West Bank

Faced with the spread of the Coronavirus, and the consequent increase in poverty in the Palestinian territories, Caritas Jerusalem continues its commitment to support the poor and needy throughout the [...]

From today, news of the Holy Land at your fingertips!

Download the new Christian media center app to find the latest news! Available for Android and IOS. Follow us on our social platforms! Carry the Holy Land in your pocket! [...]

Terra Santa News 17/07/2020

This week: the feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, the church of Stella Maris, in Haifa, and the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, [...]
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