Getting to know the biblical characters who accompany us during the Time of Advent

Isaiah, John the Baptist and Mary are the main biblical characters who accompany us during the liturgical season of Adven [...]

Terra Santa News – 14/12/2018

This week: A visit to the city of Bethlehem where the Savior was born; the inauguration of the first center in Palestine for breast cancer treatment; the ecumenical pilgrimage of [...]

A look at the city where Jesus was born

We went to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, a birth that has revolutionised the history of humanity and brought salvation to the wh [...]

The Syriac – Orthodox scouts: an ancient history

The Syriac-Orthodox scout group is among the most important in Palestine. Founded in 1958, it is present in religious and national cel [...]

An ecumenical pilgrimage

Over 300 Polish, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox pilgrims set out on their journey to the Holy Land, united in witnessing Jes [...]

The Geek Melkite Catholic Church

As a Catholic Church immersed in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, the Greek Melkite Church is often rightly called a “meeting point and bridge between the East and the We [...]

Syrian Ortodox Church in Jerusalem

The Syriac Orthodox Church is quite unique for many reasons. The Syriac Orthodox faithful today live primarily in Middle Eastern countries and the Indian State of Kerala, with many communities [...]

The first center for breast cancer treatment was inaugurated in Palestine

On December 9th, the first Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center (Breast Unit) in Palestine was inaugurated. [...]

Terra Santa News – 07/12/2018

This week: The conclusion of the IV International Congress of the Commissaries of the Holy Land and the celebrations for the beginning of Advent; in Bethlehem, the lighting of the [...]

A Christmas message: joy, mercy and gift

A gesture of love in the Christmas atmosphere. Young members of the San Francisco group from Ramla brought some gifts to disabled children in [...]
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