On pilgrimage through the sites of St. John the Baptist (Part 1)

On June 24, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Birth of Saint John the Baptist. In order to get to know the one who announced the coming of Jesus,  [...]

Father’s Day in Haifa

In the Holy Land, Father’s Day was celebrated on June 21. A day to remember, to be thankful, and to reflect on this important role in families an [...]

Tent of Nations: "We refuse to be enemies"

The farm of the Nassar Christian family, in the heart of West Bank, near Bethlehem, builds education for peace and hope on a daily basis, despite the difficulties of the  [...]

Armenian cuisine: food so we do not forget

Hoppig, Armenian woman from Jerusalem: we are in her kitchen to learn the culinary traditions of a people still in [...]

Aleppo Summer Center: cheering up children’s lives

In the city of Aleppo, in Syria, the Friars of the Custody of the Holy Land inaugurated the new Summer Center for Kids, with the motto: “With Jesus, I will  [...]

Catholics celebrate Corpus Domini in the Holy Sepulcher

Today, the Church celebrates the Corpus Domini or Corpus Christi, a feast whose origins date back to the thirteenth century and which, since the 14th century, has been observed all  [...]

Altar of the Temple of Herod the Great discovered in Caesarea Maritima

The new archeological finds in the temple of Caesarea Maritima, city rich with Christian heritage. The project will continue thanks to a donation of 100 millio [...]

Celebration of St. Anthony’s Feast Day in Jerusalem

On June 13, the celebration of the Feast of St. Anthony, one of the doctors of the Church, took place! He is one of the most beloved, popular and known  [...]

The Abrahamic Reunion: the story of an inter-religious, (im)possible friendship

The annual inter-religious IFTAR organized by the NGO based in the Holy Land, took place in Ilut, near Nazareth. Muslims, Jews, Christians and Druze, together for the traditional Ram [...]

1217-2017: Eight hundred years since the arrival of the Franciscans in the Holy Land

The friars of the Custody gathered in St. John d’Acre to celebrate the eighth centennial of the landing of the first Friars Minor in the  [...]
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