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Lebanon: the crisis, the protests and the covid lockdown. And now poverty

Even the lockdown didn’t stop the protests in Lebanon. It is not only about online activism, in fact these days the population has taken to the streets again. Since October [...]

Covid-19 in Bethlehem: towards a new lockdown

Covid-19 cases in Bethlehem and more generally in Palestine have been increasing worryingly for some weeks. The registered number today is 3,485, higher than in March, when the local authorities [...]

Joint Statement from the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

We, the Heads of the Churches and Christian Communities in Jerusalem, stand united in our commitment to safeguard the historical Status Quo of the Holy Sites and rights of the [...]

Damascus, Syria: from poverty to misery

Br BAHJAT KARAKACH, ofm Guardian Convent Bab Thouma – Damascus (Syria) “I can say without exaggeration that today we have left the term “poverty” behind us, today we speak of [...]

From Helen Keller to the Terra Sancta School in Jerusalem: time for diplomas

Graduation time in the Holy Land, also in this particular year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. After a long period spent at home, with students busy taking classes online, the [...]

Fr. Hanna from the Idlib province: “Things are getting worse everyday”

The appeal of Father Hanna, the parish priest of Knayeh in the missions of the Orontes in Syria, is poignant: “Unfortunately things are not going very well here”, he said [...]

The sanctuaries of St. John the Baptist in the Holy Land Hidden places to discover

The history of the cult of St. John the Baptist in the Holy Land, which is celebrated on 24 June, begins in the 4th century and takes place mainly in [...]

Syria: the hope that builds. Witness by Fr. Ibrahim Alsabagh

A new online meeting was held on Thursday 18 June “Syria: the hope that builds”, together with Father Ibrahim Alsabagh from Aleppo, an exceptional guest spoke: His Eminency Cardinal Angelo [...]

The Terra Santa School of Jericho: where beauty arouses responsibility

We visited Father Mario Hadchiti, principal of the Terra Santa School of Jericho. With him we talk about school, education and dialogue. The appeal to help schools in a moment [...]

The Custodial Library: a new digital exhibition

The new digital exhibition entitled “The Printer’s Small Library. Books, Reference Works, and Handbooks on the Shelf of the Franciscan Printing Press in Jerusalem” will be online on the site of the Custodial [...]
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