To relive the Holy Week

Day after day, the celebrations in the holy places accompanied the faithfuls to Easter. Here all the articles to relive the Holy Week: 16/04/2017 – In front of the empty tomb telling  [...]

When God calls: the word to vocations leaders

Between one departure and another around the world, Fr. Aquilino Castillo Álvarez’s time is precious, and yet when he talks about his job as a vocations director for the Custody,  [...]

The churches of Jerusalem united in announcing the Resurrection

Chatting, coffee and friendship: Just a few days after Easter, the leaders of Jerusalem’s churches met, as is customary every year, so as to exchange wishes. On April 18 and  [...]

The Psalms at the heart of the 42nd biblical and theological refresher course

At the “Immaculate” Auditorium, it is not easy to find a seat. Many nuns, priests, friars, as well as lay people, have been visiting Saint Savior’s during recent days. With  [...]

Fr. Michael Perry: We Want Peace for the People of Syria

An interview with the Minister-General of the Friars Minor, who has just returned from a visit to the Franciscan communities in Lebanon and Syria. Fr. Michael A. Perry tells us  [...]

Monday of the Angel in a sign of solidarity: Emmaus celebrates

The church in Emmaus could barely contain the faithful. For the solemnity of the appearance of Jesus to the disciples of Emmaus, the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy  [...]

In front of the empty tomb telling the world that Christ is risen

The night of nights has passed and, and as was sung in the Exultet, “the light of the Eternal King vanquished the darkness of the world.” The day after the  [...]

Easter: a continuous passage toward a new life

Pilgrims of all denominations await the opening of the gates of Jerusalem’s Old City. What time is it? Five o’clock in the morning. Just a few at a time, according  [...]

A crowd of faithful commemorate Jesus’ passion

The celebration silently ended on Holy Thursday and Friday’s celebration began quietly. At dawn on April 14, the Holy Sepulcher was once again filled with faithful full of anticipation. The  [...]

Holy Thursday in Jerusalem

The organ resonates within the walls, and the priests process in with their white robes, while pilgrims wait standing up: the Easter Triduum begins at the Holy Sepulcher. The Mass  [...]
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