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Rami from Nisf Jubeil

“After the days of the olives I will finally be engaged and then, soon, I will get married.” Rami Awayes, is 28; it seemed impossible to him until a few  [...]

The Custody is preparing to celebrate 800 years of Franciscan presence in the Holy Land

The posters stacked on the floor of the Curia and all of the hustle and bustle by the people present speak to the unrest that can be sensed in the  [...]

Witnesses from Syria: Sister Iole, missionary of hope in Damascus

“The heart of Syria in Damascus is still pulsating … It has never stopped, and now it needs to beat harder than ever, so we might start to rebuild our  [...]

Aleppo consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima

The city of Aleppo received a special visit: a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which brought consolation and joy to Christians who are still suffering the consequences of the  [...]

Where everything began: Acre 800 years after the Franciscans’ arrival

Between its tormented past and its current presence moving forward, Acre carries the signs of many lives. The walls of the old city, the houses that overlook the sea, the  [...]

An exhibit in Naples for the 800th anniversary of the Franciscans in the Holy Land

Naples celebrates the eighth centenary of the Franciscans’ presence in the Holy Land with the exhibit “The Bible: Book of Life and Culture,” organized by the Commissariat of the Holy  [...]

Living the Franciscan missionary vocation: between witness and temptations

During the Pentecost Chapter 800 years ago, the Franciscans decided for the first time to send the friars into the world and open themselves to universal mission work. Centuries later,  [...]

The Feast of the Invention of the Cross, “the only hope, the source of salvation”

“Vexilla regis prodeunt, fulget crucis mysterium.” This is what Venanzio Fortunato wrote in his famous hymn to the Cross 1500 years ago and this it is still repeated today: “The  [...]

The “Under the Tower” festival in Bethany, to involve the entire community in conservation and future development

“Who does not know his past, has no future!” said Carla Benelli, coordinator of Cultural Projects for the Association Pro Terra Sancta, at the end of her speech at festival  [...]

Holy Sepulcher Special video: discovering the Basilica of the Resurrection

The whole history of the Basilica of the Resurrection is outlined in a video. The Christian Media Center has put out this special report that traces the history of the  [...]
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