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Br. Sergio Galdi D’Aragona ofm, Secretary for the 2021 General Chapter

من مواليد بلدة القدس القديمة، جميل فريج، هو الآن ابن 27 عاماً، وهو أول طالب ينهي دراساته في معهد مانيفيكات. فبعد أن نال شهادة البكالوريوس في البيانو والتدريب على الغناء(السولفيج)، [...]

Dominus Flevit: the first peregrination of Lent

This year, March 20th is the day that represents for the Custos of the Holy Land the start of the traditional peregrinations of Lent in the places of the Passion [...]

Christian celebrations in the Holy Land

If you ever had the opportunity to spend some time in the Holy Land, you were probably a little disappointed when you found practically all the shops and restaurants run [...]

Syria, nine years later: the crisis has just begun

“The crisis in Syria is not over yet; let’s say that it has just begun ”. Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, pastor of the church of St. Francis in Aleppo, said this [...]

Two new celebratory places at Mount Nebo

From the top of the mountain from which Moses looked at the Promised Land, without being able to enter, the view is extraordinary. Visiting the Memorial of Moses on Mount [...]

Scientific Committee: Terra Sancta Museum receives its roadmap

Freshly arrived from Jerusalem, Rome, Trieste, Warsaw, Madrid, Berlin, and Milan, the 30 members of the Scientific Committee of the Terra Sanca Museum confidently returned to the Parisian convent of [...]

The women of the Holy Land and the treasures kept for generations

Knowledge, flavors and … soaps! with these three words we could symbolically summarize the many projects of ATS pro Terra Sancta that strictly involve the Palestinian women; know how all [...]

Local pilgrims and Christians start Lent in the Holy City

In the Holy City, the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday was celebrated with a Mass in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre. In this holy place, we can find [...]

Jerusalem: Day for consecrated life

On 2 February, the Presentation of the Lord, the Day for Consecrated Life was celebrated at the Church of St Saviour in Jerusalem. Religious, both men and women, came together [...]

Brotherhood, coexistence, and acceptance: 800 years since the meeting between St. Francis and the Sultan

Terra Sancta College is the first school founded in Bethlehem and undoubtedly one of the first schools in the region. Active since the 16th century, thanks to the Order of [...]
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