“Reconciling with ourselves, to build the world”: the wonderful adventure of the kids in Bethlehem

“We learn to reconcile ourselves with our problems, we learn to face them, but above all, we learn to grow starting from them and from other kinds of difficulties. And  [...]

Christians in Israel, Numbers and Challenges

The figures announced each year by the demographers of the Jewish state describe a Christian community which remains a tiny minority but does not stop growing. The main threats include  [...]

The pilgrimage to the Jordan River in the footsteps of Jesus

The air is crisp on this January morning in Jerusalem, as people are rushing to get on buses and then to depart. Reciting the Our Father is always the best  [...]

Serving the needy among the communities of Bethlehem

They are dedicated to children in difficult situations, to the education of young adults and to the care of the elderly. The nuns, lay people and religious serve different realities  [...]

The Epiphany in Bethlehem: a party that brings people together

“The feast of the Epiphany is a very important holiday, because God is manifested to all peoples of the world and unites them,” said the Custos of the Holy Land,  [...]

The Commissioner of Tuscany ordained to the diaconate in Bethlehem

From Pisa to Bethlehem: Br. Matteo Brena, Commissioner of the Holy Land of Tuscany, chose to go among the poor for his ordination to the diaconate. The diaconate ordination mass  [...]

The Custody of the Holy Land received the well wishes of the Churches of Jerusalem

A Christmas full of peace and communion: these were the wishes of the Churches of Jerusalem to the Custos of the Holy Land during the traditional exchange of Christmas greetings.  [...]

From the darkness came the Light …

A few hours before Christmas, the bombs finally stopped falling on Aleppo. For the Latin parish of the city, held by the Franciscans of the Custody, it is the opportunity  [...]

Solemnity of the Holy Innocents: remembering the massacres of children from yesterday and today

Those that King Herod had killed at the time of Jesus, for fear of being dethroned, were just innocent children. The slaughter of all male children under two years old,  [...]

At the place of the stoning of St. Stephen, a martyr like Jesus

Lit candles gradually pierce through the darkness of Saint Stephen’s Chapel and light up the frescoes: the stoning of the first martyr, the agony of Jesus, his arrest on the  [...]
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