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The care that ATS pro Terra Sancta gives to people with disabilities is expressed through different projects that have the common purpose of facilitating the beneficiaries or both the local [...]

Annual Report 2016

The “Annual Report 2016” is now online. Thanks to the support of many donors and the voluntary contribution of so many skilled experts, in recent years, the Association pro Terra Sancta has [...]

Terra Santa News 24/01/2020

This week: 47 world leaders in Jerusalem for the Fifth World Holocaust Forum, the first five Franciscan martyrs killed in Morocco 800 years ago, the Christmas of Armenian Orthodox Christians [...]

Remembering The Holocaust: Fighting Antisemitism

“Remembering the Holocaust, fighting antisemitism” is the title of the Fifth World Holocaust Forum which took place in Jerusalem. It was attended by 47 heads of state and world leaders, [...]

Armenian Christmas in Bethlehem

A matter of calendar, but not only that: the Christmas celebrations set by the Armenian-Orthodox community of the Holy Land on the night between the 18th and 19th January recall [...]

The first five Franciscan martyrs of Morocco

On January 16, the Friars Minor and the Conventual Friars celebrated in Coimbra the memory of the five first Franciscan martyrs killed in Africa. The Jubilee Year began on January [...]

The Wedding at Cana, the first “sign” of Jesus

Cana is where Jesus performed the first miracle: the transformation of water into wine during a wedding feast. In this small village in Galilee, the memory is thus made of [...]

The church in Gaza: home of kindness and brotherhood

The Christian community in Gaza, through its institutions, encourages a spirit of compassion, love and peace and strengthens bonds of brotherhood in the social fabric. [...]

A work we carry on with you and thanks to you. The new ATS pro Terra Sancta website is online

Now that we have reached the end of our first decade of activities, we can say it: in the last eleven years we have grown a lot, even beyond our [...]

The teachers of the Palestinian Holy Land schools meet in Bethlehem

“Teaching is a vocation that comes from God. Just as God sent the angel Gabriel to Mary, God has sent you for these children, to give them a Christian and [...]
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