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Final stage of the renovation of the Holy Sepulcher

The restoration of the Holy Sepulcher of Jesus, one of the holiest sites in Christendom, is about to conclude. The scaffoldings of the edicule have already bee [...]

Title: Osama Silwadi, photographer: before and after the wheelchair

“A man does not walk with his feet, but with his heart and his will”: the motto of the Palestinian photographer who does not allow paralysis, caused by a bullet,  [...]

A place to pray: the grotto of the Hermitage

On Saturday, February 18, the grotto of Gethsemane Hermitage re-opened. A place for personal prayer, liturgical celebrations and spiritual g [...]

Firm on the rock: the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter

On Saturday, February 18, in Tiberias, the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter was celebrated in the presence of bishops, members of various communities and many faithful o [...]

The Swiss Guards visit the Holy Land

The members of the army that has been protecting the Pope for over 500 years visited the  [...]

Terra Sancta Museum on the Via Dolorosa, because “no one knows about it”

“Before I started working here I did not know anything about the Via Dolorosa, I didn’t even know what Convent of the Flagellation was…” Christine tells us. She is a 24  [...]

The Grotto of the Hermitage re-opens in Gethsemane

With a solemn blessing, the Grotto of the Hermitage in Jerusalem was inaugurated on February 18. At sunset on a wintry Saturday afternoon , inside the complex that includes the  [...]

Aleppo rises

Here we are in Syria’s second largest city, in the midst of destroyed homes and roads. The scene is painful, but it also leaves room for hope. Life is flourishing  [...]

Archaeological discoveries and social projects in Bethany

Restoration work of the tomb of Lazarus and different projects organized by the Association Pro Terra Sancta, in support of the local  [...]
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