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Lebanon: the crisis, the protests and the covid lockdown. And now poverty

Even the lockdown didn’t stop the protests in Lebanon. It is not only about online activism, in fact these days the population has taken to the streets again. Since October [...]

Terra Santa News 10/07/2020

This week: the ancient stones and living stones of the Holy Land; the story of Amir, who after his illness founded an association to help orphaned children in Nazareth, the [...]

The Haya Foundation of Nazareth: from pain to hope

Amir got cancer three times, but he didn’t let it overwhelm him. On the contrary, from his pain, a great hope was born, together with the desire to give something [...]

Fifth Regional Biblical Knowledge Competition in Nazareth

The fifth regional Bible knowledge competition, which took place at the St. Anthony’s Centre in Nazareth, saw winners: Randa Bahouth from Shafa-Amr and Mervat Khoury from “Ebline”. A competition sponsored [...]

The Armenian cathedral in Jerusalem and the two martyrs named James

Built in 1163 during the reign of Queen Melisenda, St. James Cathedral is the heart of the Armenian quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. In the church there are – according [...]

Covid-19 in Bethlehem: towards a new lockdown

Covid-19 cases in Bethlehem and more generally in Palestine have been increasing worryingly for some weeks. The registered number today is 3,485, higher than in March, when the local authorities [...]

Joint Statement from the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

We, the Heads of the Churches and Christian Communities in Jerusalem, stand united in our commitment to safeguard the historical Status Quo of the Holy Sites and rights of the [...]

Damascus, Syria: from poverty to misery

Br BAHJAT KARAKACH, ofm Guardian Convent Bab Thouma – Damascus (Syria) “I can say without exaggeration that today we have left the term “poverty” behind us, today we speak of [...]

Terra Santa News 03/07/2020

This week: the celebrations of the feast of Saints Peter and Paul in the Holy Land; the testimony of Br Bahjat Karakach from Damascus, Syria, hit after ten years of [...]

From Helen Keller to the Terra Sancta School in Jerusalem: time for diplomas

Graduation time in the Holy Land, also in this particular year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. After a long period spent at home, with students busy taking classes online, the [...]
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