On a Pilgrimage to Capernaum: from the time of the Gospel to today

Feast of Franciscans and Christians in the City of Jesus: an uninterrupted story, witnessed by archeology and by the livi [...]

800 years of franciscans in the Holy Land, Fr. Michael Perry: “Our presence is for all of mankind”

A historic anniversary, to be celebrated in grandeur: 800 years of Franciscan presence in the Holy Land. On October 16, officials of the Custody launched the friars’ celebrations in Jerusalem,  [...]

Rosh Ha-Shanah and Sukkot, the holidays of the Jewish New Year

With the ‘Simchat Torah’ holiday, which literally means ‘Rejoicing of Torah’, the celebration cycle of the Jewish New Year concluded  [...]

In Jerusalem, ancient Syrian heritage takes on new life

From the sky Brs. Ignacio Peña, Romualdo Fernández and Pasquale Castellana, arm in arm, lean toward St. Savior’s Monastery in Jerusalem, leaving tears of joy flowing. An unfinished part of  [...]

This is the place where John the Baptist presumably began his mission

We went to Taffuh, in the Hebron area, which the forerunner of Jesus presumably visited before going to t [...]

The solemn professions of Br. Clovis and Br. Eduardo in Gethsemane

Joy and emotion transpired from their faces as they entered the church. A smile and a withheld tear accompanied Br. Clovis and Br. Eduardo at the beginning of an important  [...]

In Jerusalem the Custody of the Holy Land celebrates 800 years of Franciscan presence in the Middle East

Celebration in Jerusalem for the Custody of the Holy Land with three days of conferences, meetings and international guests in the Old City. The first Franciscan friars landed in Acre  [...]

The ecumenism in Bethany: together to discover the beauty, together to build

On the way from Jericho to Jerusalem,  under the shadow of the Mount of Olives, still stands the citadel of Bethany. We find it in the Gospel, where the story  [...]

Terra Santa News 04/10/2017

The Terra Santa News has resumed after the summer break with a new look, broadcasting the first episode of the special documentary on the 800th anniversary of the Franciscan presence  [...]

The new school year gets kicked off at St. Saviour’s

The celebration had the aim of entrusting the new 2017-2018 school year to God. Thus, the Custody of the Holy Land kicked off the beginning of classes for the Studium  [...]
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