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Franciscans gather at Capernaum in pilgrimage to the city of Jesus

More than 2,000 Roman Catholic pilgrims gathered at Capernaum on Saturday (Oct. 13) amongst the ruins of this 2,000-year-old Galilee fishing town in a joyous yet solemn multilingual sunset service commemorating the [...]

Tourism to Israel Hits All Time High

Tourism to Israel has never been more popular.  Despite the Arab Spring, Syria and  all the media speculation regarding Iran, people are readily traveling to Israel on Holy Land Tours. The [...]

Spring time in Ein Karem by the Spring

  As we reach deep into spring in the Holy Land, the blossoming of the almond trees in Ein Kerem is now at its glorious pink and white peak. The [...]

Byzantine-Era Bread Stamp Discovery in Akko Sheds Light on Jewish Life

A small ceramic stamp used to mark bakery produce may not seem like a significant archeological find, but Israeli archeologists are rather excited by such a discovery made near the [...]

Christianity: A Religion in Between in Jerusalem

It isn’t always easy to be a Christian in Jerusalem as the minority community must navigate complicated relations and sometimes persecution to get around the Holy City. But with understanding, [...]

“Royal” Christian Presence in Israel during Crusader Period

Archaeologists and researchers from Hebrew University have deciphered an inscription bearing the name of Frederick II written in Arabic, declaring him king of Jerusalem, right before he peacefully conquered the [...]

Ancient Christian Prayer Box Discovered in Jerusalem Excavations

A small prayer box from the Byzantine era was discovered in Jerusalem during archaeological excavations, proving that Christians have in fact been making pilgrimage to and living in the holy [...]

Holy Land Franciscans to make Annual Pilgrimage to Jordan River

The Friars of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land will embark on their annual pilgrimage to the baptism site of Qasr El Yahud, located on the Jordan River on October [...]

Israelis, Palestinians Join Foreigners in Peace Run

BETHLEHEM – On an unseasonably warm fall day, more than 300 runners of various ethnic backgrounds gathered under the penetrating Middle Eastern sun to cross literal and cultural boundaries on [...]

Over 6,000 Christian Pilgrims arrive for annual Feast of Tabernacles

Over 6,000 Christian pilgrims, have arrived in Israel for the annual Feast of Tabernacles the largest tourism event in Israel, which attracts many Evangelical communities worldwide. The annual convention is [...]
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