Aleppo consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima

The city of Aleppo received a special visit: a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which brought consolation and joy to Christians who are still suffering the consequences of the war in Syria.

A great sign of hope comes from Aleppo, a city that is still suffering the consequences of the civil war in Syria. The city was consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima on May 13, while Pope Francis presided over the celebration of the centenary of Marian apparitions in Portugal.

The act of consecration took place during a Mass presided by the pastor of Aleppo, Father Ibrahim Alsabagh. Friar Father Alsabagh said that the image of Our Lady has brought consolation to him and to the whole city!

The Maronite Archbishop of Aleppo also participated in the celebrations, followed by a great procession that held the statue of Mary through the city.

Maronite Archbishop of Aleppo
“For us, here in Aleppo, it is a great thing to not only know that Our Lady of Fatima, the Mother of God, is comforting us every day and every moment in this blessed centenary, but also that the Lord is with us and He will never leave us.”

Latin Parish Priest – Aleppo
“Today’s procession through the streets of the city, with almost three thousand people accompanying the statue of Our Lady, was only one of the tangible signs of the innumerable blessings sown in our hearts”.

Latin Parish – Aleppo
“I think this visit comes at a perfect time because we were under siege and death was on the agenda until a few months ago. Today we are trying to rebuild our lives and our city.”

Congregation of the Holy Rosary
“This special occasion has truly been moving, because all those who love Our Lady came here to pray and renewed their consecration to Mary. That is why it was really important. At the same time, this visit has given people hope for the future “.

The image of the woman more brilliant than the sun was brought to Aleppo from Portugal on the initiative of the Custos of the Holy Land, Father Francesco Patton. The Portuguese priest, Father Pedro Rodrigues, was the one who brought the statue to Aleppo, therefore he could see the situation in Aleppo with his own eyes.

Student – Studium Biblicum Franciscanum – Jerusalem
“We can say this is a dream come true. This Lady who brings peace, this Lady who brings conversion and who wants to welcome her children, comes to this land to be with these Christians who suffered so much in the last few months.

It is time to rebuild … And not just the homes, but also the dreams that were lost here.

Latin Parish Priest – Aleppo
“The first visible challenge is that of Aleppo’s reconstruction of buildings, but also of the economy. On the other hand, we know that we face a destroyed, martyred, paralyzed humanity who is no longer able to rise above all the devastation the war produced. Surely this visit of Our Lady encourages us to hope for so much healing.”

And in this land the presence of the religious really makes the difference.

Sisters of the Incarnate Word – Aleppo
“This reminds us what Pope Francis said: the religious, here, must bring consolation. Even though we do not possess it, we must be consolation and show them consolation … after all the crisis that Aleppo has been through, this is what the people from this city expect from us.”

Certainly, these are days that will never be forgotten!

Christian woman – Aleppo
“We are really happy and we hope that the presence of Mary here will protect our city, our families and each of us.”

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