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The Holy Land Review is the english review of the Custody of the Holy Land. Through articles by experts, The Holy Land Review aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the complex situation of the Holy Land. Covering religious, cultural, biblical, archaeological and ecumenical issues. The Holy Land Review (52 color pages) is a magazine published four times a year (spring, summer, fall, winter).

[4] Publisher’s Note
[5] The Custos of the Holy Land visits Washington, DC Father Francesco Patton made his first visit as Custos to the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land.
[8] ‘Let the children come to me’ Franciscan leaders urge worldwide prayer for peace at children’s liturgies.
[10] New school year, same problems In 2015, teachers and students in Israeli Christian schools held a strike which lasted 47 days.

[11] Father David Jaegar, OFM, “The process of peace”

[12] ‘We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you’ What archaeology teaches us about the Via Dolorosa, and the Way of the Cross.
[14] Where was the praetorium of Pontius Pilate? A recent discovery led to speculation about the place for the trial of Jesus.
[18] Praetorium and Antonia Fortress: An archaeological mystery What can we know about the places identified with the Passion of Jesus?
[19] Jerusalem, then and now Two models of the city – in different eras – help orient pilgrims to Jerusalem as it was.
[26] The Way of the Cross in Jerusalem A spiritual tradition that developed over centuries. NEWS OF

[31] To preserve and develop The efforts of the Association pro Terra Sancta to support the work of the Holy Land Franciscans.

[36] Le Père Frédéric A friar in love with the land of Jesus. [
38] Charles de Foucauld in the Land of the Holy Family Blessed Charles de Foucauld lived in Nazareth in prayer and adoration.

[40] Arab: What does it mean? An analysis of the term Arab .
[44] Rami and Bassam: Tears for a better world Two men who each lost a daughter in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict find reconciliation.
[46] A house where grace is at home A Melkite Catholic couple in Haifa, Israel, began a rehabilitation project to reintegrate ex-prisoners into society.
[48] Jesuits follow their founder’s footsteps on Holy Land pilgrimage What three Jesuits and 19 diocesan priests discovered on a Franciscan pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

[50] Jerusalem: Dare we separate?

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