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"Do whatever he tells you": the wedding feast at Cana

The celebration of the miracle of the wedding feast at Cana, in the small village of Galilee. A feast for Catholics and for the couples who are renewing their wedding vows.

The determined and hopeful words of the Virgin Mary resonate in the Catholic Church at Cana, a small village in Galilee. Here, as recounted in the Gospel, Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine, during a wedding reception.

Two thousand years later, the faithful continue to celebrate that exceptional event: on January 15, the first Sunday after the baptism of Jesus, the Latin Catholics attended the Mass presided by Mons. Boulos Marcuzzo and concelebrated by the new Franciscan priest.

Latin parish priest – Cana
“The Wedding at Cana is Christ’s invitation to transform the sadness and sorrow into joy, in every Christian and every Christian family.”

Among the Christian population residing in Cana, there are a thousand Latin Catholics, about two hundred families, flanked by Melkite Catholics and Greek Orthodox, whose representatives attended the ceremony.

Patriarchal Vicar for Israel
“Today we meditated on the concept of the Christian family. In the light of the Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis ‘Amoris Laetitia’, we want the family to be always with Jesus and with the Virgin Mary and to be a witness of faith. The family is a messenger of peace, love and faith.”

One of the traditional and the most anticipated moments of the ceremony is the renewal of wedding vows. The Zaher family is among the protagonists of this event. He is from Nazareth, she was born and raised in Cana, both participate in the choir and in other different activities, including the decoration of the altar.

Family from Nazaret
“This year, I want to give a message that could contain the Virgin Mary’s words: ”

Family from Nazaret
“We believe this event is very important: we are renewing our promises; we remember that I said ‘yes’ and that she also said ‘yes’. All the sad moments can be happy if we are together and if we live our life as a Christian family, just as Jesus loves His Church.”

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