The Mass of Saint Stephen at Saint Savior’s infirmary

As per tradition, on December 26, mass was celebrated by the Custos, Fr. Francesco Patton at the infirmary of Saint Savior’s Monastery. At 7.30 a.m., many friars gathered at the infirmary room to share the feast of St. Stephen with the older friars, nuns and staff. Mass was followed by breakfast, in an atmosphere of celebration and conviviality.

During the homily, the Custos encouraged the older friars, those “who have experienced what it means to unite their sufferings with those of Christ on a daily basis,” noting that even the experience of suffering still leads to spiritual joy, as in the example of St. Stephen martyr. Fr. Francesco Patton pointed out that “we are in the octave of Christmas and the liturgy reminds us that Christmas Day continues. Through the feast of St. Stephen, the first martyr, the liturgy tells us that Jesus came to give His life for us. Christmas already gives us in a certain way a glimpse into Easter. Now God’s life is open for us.”
The mass was accompanied by Christmas carols. Then, the Custos thanked the friars of the community, the sisters and the infirmary staff.

“This mass is always very beautiful. Especially during this festive season, sharing this moment with the community is important. For me it is a joy,” said Br. Jad, who is in charge of the infirmary and the nursing home, “and being here together is a special moment especially for the friars of the infirmary.” In fact, Br. Mario, the host of the infirmary, said: “I liked the words that the Custos addressed to us. The example of St. Stephen is one of suffering and joy.” He also confirmed, “Everyone rejoiced this morning[‘s celebration]!”

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