A new site for the Christian Media Center!

The media department of the Custody continues its internal reform. While last December the Franciscan Media Centre became the Christian Media Centre (see our article The Christian Media Centre takes over the FMC http://www.custodia.org/default.asp?id=779&id_n=28105&Pagina=3), now the website of the institution is experiencing a transformation.

The video department of the Custody has turned to a series of reforms with the arrival of a new director, the Maronite Deacon Sobhy Makhoul. The adoption of a new name demonstrates the desire of ecumenical openness. The media choose to handle the whole information of the local Christian churches which is a broader context than the mere Custody.

Carolina Hodali, who works for the CMC as “Operation Manager” explains the aim of the media: “We are in a real job expansion with a much larger target than before. We must speak of Christianity in the broadest sense”.

To change the website is the second part of this transformation. The content remains the same but the presentation is significantly redesigned for an easier access.

On reaching the site the user will notice at first the new uploaded videos. Unlike the previous site where it was necessary to refer the dates to find the latest updates, the new tool will highlight the last five produced reports.

The videos’ classification has also been redesigned. From now on the site will offer eight sections. Of course, a special section for “Terra Santa News,” the weekly report of twenty minutes on news from the Holy Land, broadcast by the many international Catholic media. For Carolina Hodali, the “Terra Santa News is really the CMC’s showcase. Released by many Catholic media in the world, this is a summary of the latest news from the Holy Land. “

The new IT platform will offer a section especially dedicated to the Custody of the Holy Land, distinct from the Christian churches’ section. That is the message the change of name wants to convey: the media will cover all the Christian churches in the Holy Land.

The new site designers hope that videos related to the liturgical season will be proposed. Thus, during Lent, different religious videos will offer meditations to the users.

Given their importance, the social projects directed towards local people are the subject of another section on the site. “It’s important for us to recount everything that has been done as an educational project, humanitarian or social” notes Carolina Hodali.

Finally, a series of debates are grouped in the “studio show section” which features some interviews with various local actors gathered in the CMC’s studios.

A particularly evident banner will allow, at least six months in advance, to be informed about the next live broadcast liturgical events. Meanwhile, the users can already be connected to the cameras that broadcast live the images of the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

The new tool designers wanted to give more emphasis to the international partners and collaborators of the Christian Media Centre. Mrs. Hodali points out: “It is crucial for us to have this collaboration. Our partners allow publicizing our action, in exchange we offer them reports made through our presence on the ground. “

A special section will be soon created as well for the foreign media. They will be able to request for video material, photographs, access to the CMC studios, or even the rights to broadcast the liturgical events. All this by sending a simple email.

With this new tool (always available in 6 languages), the video department of the Custody continues its transformation initiated in the recent months. An improvement that will allow to all, regardless of the place, to keep a close relation with the Holy Land.

Nicolas Kimmel

To access the new website of the CMC http://cmc-terrasanta.com/en

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