Fourth Sunday Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus

The fruit of a young Jewish girl’s womb who listens to the word of God and fulfills humanity’s Expectation.
A blessed presence, a blessed arrival, a blessed presence, a blessed welcome of the newborn baby.
The lived time of advent puts us in a position of evaluating our faith which is not a verbal expression but a word that becomes flesh.
A Greeting that cannot be minced and sentimental, but which becomes divine and present. He calls who welcomes Him seriously because he believes, and will make the Verb be born again in life: in the darkness of distraught people who refuse and that with prejudice want to be right, want to be the only ones that know and decide.
Who welcomes, as Mary did in her womb the Verbum, the Word that becomes flesh and embraces life and the truth, and as a consequence will know how to follow the way of salvation and will know how to read the time of history with new eyes, which are full of astonishment and hope. Astonishment and hope that men are lacking due to technology that flattens.
The church’s call to rejoice in Christmas, which is not a feast , but the feast of feasts , like Saint of Francis liked calling it. The feast that opens our eyes for us on the sense of history, clearly and purely: the ones of a young woman who is a mother and the ones of a newborn baby who is God.
Greetings for the next Christmas!

F. Marcello Badalamenti, OFM

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