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מבפנים בתים (Houses from the Inside)


מבפנים בתים (Houses from the Inside) is the title of the event organized by the city of Jerusalem, which involves some historic buildings or houses holding important dimensions of culture which are open to the public during the month of October. The Custody of the Holy Land has participated in this project for several years, and is a singular and unique chance to meet the Franciscans, especially for Israelis who know little or only from a distance, and are eager to know more about a way of life often far from their minds and daily experience.

On Saturday, October 27, the convent of St. Saviour opened its doors to two large Israeli groups from different cities and towns of the country, including both religious and nonreligious Jews, from many different cultures and different origins, who all share the same language – Modern Hebrew.
Accompanied by two friars, they were able to visit the entrance of the Curia, the refectory, the Church and the terrace of the convent. The explanations were put forward in Hebrew, and many expressed their wonder and amazement at being able to hear and better understand the religion and way of life of the Franciscans in their own language, something they had almost never heard before except through English documentaries on television or in the writings of medieval history. In the refectory the description of the painting by Casentini of the Last Supper of Christ with his disciples aroused much interest and many questions about the event depicted, the comparison and the reference to a Passover supper and the Jewish heritage of Jesus and his companions.

For many, it was also the first time in a Church, with a close-up view of a crucifix or the opportunity to admire the splendor of the decorations and the liturgical spaces. The view of Jerusalem from above, from the terrace of the convent, was a good conclusion to the visit, with mutual gratitude for the opportunity to better know the reality of the life of the friars, a closer look at their life of prayer, and especially to recognize the similarities between a number of familiar traditions such as prayer, singing, the blessing of food and fraternal sharing.

fra Albert Joan

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