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Are you a journalist interested in writing about the Holy Land? Do you need information about Christians in the Holy Land?  Would you like to receive more information on our projects?

If you would like to do more than just write in a superficial way about the situation in the Middle East – if you would like to share “good” news about the region – we’d like to help you do that.  In addition to problems and complex difficulties, the Holy Land offers a tapestry of elements related to faith, history, culture, hope, strength, love for others, initiative, and peace efforts. Contact us! We can put you in touch with local contact persons. You can contact the following people directly:

  • ATS pro Terra Sancta, (For information on the projects of ATS Pro Terra Sancta)
  • Stefania Sboarina, Head of the Franciscan Media Center, the multimedia center of the Custody of the Holy Land that produces news and reportages from the Holy Land,
  • Giuseppe Caffulli, journalist, editor-in-chief of all of the Custody’s Italian publications: Email: (For information on the Holy Land and the Custody of the Holy Land)
  • Marie Armelle Beaulieu, journalist, editor of the French-language edition of the “Holy Land Review”: Email: (For information in French on the Holy Land and the Custody of the Holy Land)

Are you interested in the “Holy Land Review“?

The Holy Land Review contains information on journeys into the land where Christ lived and taught with the Franciscain Order’s flagship journal on the faith, culture and history of the Holy Land. Every quarter, The Holy Land Review gives readers an insider’s perspective on the complex region that gave birth to the Christian faith, including:

– analysis by experts in the history, spirituality and archeology of the Holy Land
– stunning full-color photography
– a view of the Holy Land as only the Franciscans, the custodians of Christianity’s holiest sites, can provide

To subscribe, please visite or send a request to :

Holy Land Franciscan Monastery
Holy Land Review
1400 Quincy Ave NE
Washington, DC 20017

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