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Franciscan Foundation Honors the late Archbishop Pietro Sambi, DD

Jerusalem – In honoring the memory of Archbishop Sambi, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land headquartered in Washington DC and Jerusalem announced the establishment of “The Archbishop Pietro Sambi Memorial Scholarship Grant” for Christian students residing in the Holy Land.  This yearly grant will pay for four years of college tuition and books. The grant will be given to those students who are economically marginalized but demonstrate great academic acumen.


Archbishop Sambi served on the FFHL’s National Board of Trustees for the last four years as its “Special Advisor”. It was the Franciscan Foundation, the humanitarian arm of the Franciscan Custody in the Holy Land, which in 1994 established its mission of stemming the Christian exodus from the Holy Land.  FFHL provides over 14 humanitarian programs for Christians in the Holy Land and higher education seems to be the motivation for slowing down the exodus.


“This mission,” stated Fr Peter Vasko, OFM, President, “was the mission of Archbishop Sambi. He dedicated his time and energy both in raising awareness and funding in order to make sure that those young Christians in the Holy Land be given an opportunity to become the future leaders of their homeland.”   Fr. Peter went onto say, “Archbishop Sambi will be sorely missed, but his legacy of serving, of giving and of continuously being present to Christians everywhere will be a wonderful lesson for all of us.  It is because of his great love and commitment that FFHL created the “The Archbishop Pietro Sambi Scholarship Grant” as a testament for the contributions he made to so many people in the Holy Land.”



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