The launch of the project by ATS pro Terra Sancta and AVSI in the Holy Land

Scuole in Terra Santa3160 is the number of students involved in the project launched by ATS pro Terra Sancta and AVSI in the Holy Land, financed by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The initiative, aimed at school emergency relief in the Palestinian Territories in 5 schools in the Holy Land, will involve also 300 teachers and social workers and 55 families. “The school emergency relief in the territories of the Palestinian Autonomy of Bethlehem, Jericho and East Jerusalem” involves training programs for teachers and social workers, school equipment supply, assistance for children of primary and secondary schools, university scholarships, extra-curricular activities and renovation of the structures.

ATS pro Terra Sancta, AVSI Foundation and the Custody of the Holy Land will implement these activities in close collaboration with the Office of the Italian Cooperation in Jerusalem. It’s a great commitment of the Italian Cooperation for Development with its private and public actors who, with the co-financing of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, will be able to make a difference in the Palestinian school system, particularly for the younger generations.


Support the Holy Sites and the Christian presence in the Holy Land!

You can help children and students of the Holy Land contributing:

ONLINE at http://www.proterrasancta.org/en/help/


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