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Holy Land News 10/09/2010

In Jerusalem the birth of the Virgin Mary was solemnly commemorated on September 8th.
At a place where an ancient tradition loactes the house of Saints Joachim and Anna, and thefore the birthplace of the Madonna.
The growing number of pilgrims in the Holy Land represents good news, and this has been confirmed in Bethlehem.
Even though Bethlehem residents feel less isolated, they still feel need more support …
A very special supper.
Once again this year, the heads of Churches in Jerusalem invited their Moslem counterparts to Notre Dame Centre to celebrate together Iftar, the meal whioch culminates the Ramadan fast.
A small yet great event …
in a city which an example of unity is expressed.
Shana tova! Happy New Year! A greeting which initiates the Jewish year of 5771.
With Rosh HaShana, the beginning of the Jewish New Year, (a time of joy and family feasting) at which ten days of repentance also begins.

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