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Holy Land News 01-10-2010

SPECIAL PRAYER FOR ALL CHURCHES The fourth Special Prayer in all Churches for Reconciliation, Unity and Peace.
It takes place in the Armenian Orthodox Cathedral in Jerusalem.
Christians of all denominations gather in a spirit of unity at a place that commemorates the very origins of the early Church in Jerusalem.
NEW HOMES FOR THE CHRISTIANS OF JERUSALEM Sixty-eight new houses for many Christian families in Jerusalem.
Finally available at Bethpage, a housing complex which the Franciscans have succeeded building, thanks to the generous donations of many.
Social action of fundamental importance for the continued presence of Christians in the Holy Land.
THE DIFFICULT ROAD TO EMMAUS (voiceover) Celebrating the memory of Saints Simeon and Cleophas at the Franciscan sanctuary of Emmaus Qubeibe …
a holy place, now accessible only with difficulty by groups of pilgrims.
"I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD" "I am the Light of the World".
This is the name of a new centre established by the Capuchin Fathers in Jerusalem.
Inaugurated a few days ago in the New City.
It will cater for students who come to the Holy Land to study the Bible, but also for priests who are experiencing difficulties in their ministry.

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